How many artworks can be completed per hour?

This depends on the size and style needed, but in general, an A5 postcard illustration every 5-8 minutes. Obviously the longer time allowed, the more detail can be added.

Will you supply your own materials?

Yes, generally I work on 160gsm fine grain, blank, watercolour paper in A5 size for illustrated portraits. A template design featuring an illustrated background, hashtags, and/or logos can be arranged, please contact me for more details.

Will the illustrator charge for anything before the event?

A 50% deposit fee is required to book the event date and time, with the balance due within 30 days of event completion.

Where will the artist sit and what should you organise beforehand?

A chair and table is required, additionally an extra light source if the venue is dimly lit.

It's brilliant when there's great signage that clearly explains what is on offer, and includes any social handles or hashtags. I can assist in designing this if required.

Is a contract required?

This will be provided within the quotation, used to secure the date and time.

Will the artist need any support at the event?

It’s great to have a point of contact who can either stay with the artist or pop by every 15 minutes. They can help with managing the list of people to illustrate, get the artist some water to drink, share images on social media, talk to guests if the artist is really busy.

Is there a cancellation policy?

Prior to an event – Full refund

Clients may cancel their registration without penalty up to 7 days prior to an event.

The day before, the day of, or after an event – No refund
Cancellations received the day before, the day of, or after an event will not be eligible for a refund.

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