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One of my favourite looks from the EcoChic Design Award 2017 by Candle Ray Torreverde from the Philippines.

Candle Ray Torreverde currently works as a visual merchandiser and stylist. He holds a degree in Fashion Design and Marketing from SoFA Design Institute in Manila, the Philippines.

"As fashion designers it is our responsibility to live and breathe sustainability to minimise waste, and we have the creativity to do wonderful things! Through my collection I want to highlight how vulnerable we are to mother nature. Her revenge on us will be severe if we continue our irresponsibility towards the environment." - Candle Ray Torreverde

For his EcoChic Design Award application, Candle Ray applies the design techniques of up-cycling and reconstruction along with the use of natural dyes to transform secondhand textiles and clothes. His inspiration comes from the chaos brought about by sea storms.

Screen Shot 2017-10-20 at 08.21.58.png